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January 16, 2013


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Sup you people out there who actually read my stuff.

I am making a Savage Kingdom Citizen Contest for anyone to enter and stuff. Max 2 entries.

I sadly do not got any points to giveas prizes, but the prizes will instead be:

1st place: Two Comission of ANYTHING (don't be shy, but keep it an art-way and not something else), Title of your choice in the Savage Kindom (some, such as royalty is unavailable, obviously), snuggles for life and <3s

2nd place: Comission of ANYTHING (same as the one above)

3rd place: Comission of any character

4th, 5th and 6th place: Drawing of a character of your choice, dressed as a Savage Citizen

So, some info about Savage Kingdom:

The HUGE city of Bhalstrom with Castle Skullcrusher where the royalty lives. Which is currently Rummagog Skullcrusher (Rummy) as the current ruler since her father, King Bob Skullcrusher died a few months back during the Mohawk Week with too much pie and food in his stomach and a horn of a helmet got stuck in his lung and pierced his heart. He died a happy man.

The ruler of Savage Kingdom is supposedly one of the greatest combatants in the whole land of Savage Plains, reaching over the Red Mountains and the Violent Forests. However, there is far more great fighters and barbarians in Savage Kindom than anywhere else, since almost everyone living in the town moved there for that simple reason. And the ruler's task is to keep the people from slaying eachother in fights, keep up the morale, keep festivities going and other political errands.

While the whole of Savage Kindom and especially Bhalstrom are filled with huge beasts, monstrous fighters and oversized wildlife with odd mutations adding to their deadlyness, there are of course other kinds of people poulating theese lands. Most of them are orcs, humans, ogres, giants, trolls, northfolk or goblins and all of them have the same rights as the other, unless they are from tribes whom put out brutal force upon others by killing, raping or alike, as where there is tribeswar to be had upon them.

There are many different kinds of working titles that are common among the citizens of Savage Kingdom, but the ones that are most successful and popular are:

Smith (Everyone needs their metal worked within theese walls. Be it nails for the house wall or their armor fixed)
Mercenary (Allways good to have some at hand)
Trader (You never know what an orc, ogre or giant would like to buy, so having more of everything is a good choice)
Weapon Smith (One of the top best jobs in Savage Kingdom, because truly, everyone in there has their own weapon)
Brewer (People drink around here. Especially orcs and northfolk)
Meatlogger/Butcher (MEEEEEAAAAAAT)
Hunter (The ones who get the meat and fur to the Butcher and Leatherworker. Goes really good hand in hand)
Baker (Who does not like sweets or sandwiches?)
Leatherworker (While most places see silk or cotton as nice clothing, leather and fur is the thing to show off in Savage Kindom. Also, there is never above the temperature of 5 celcius and usually is below -10, so come prepared)
Horse Breeder (People love their horses. They help the farmers and they are good to ride on. Also the snuggliest pets for the large citizens of theese lands. The Morkskin Horse is the largest breed found in the Savage Kindom and can be up to 5 meters tall to the shoulder and eats meat. And they have fluffy hooves <3)
Farmer (All kinds of food and animals for the Savage Kindom needs to come from somewhere)
Repairman (Fixes stuff. Very Helpfull)
Shaman (Healers, preachers, teachers, elders, intelligent and wise. They have been here since the begining of the tribes)
Gangster (There is never a place without outlaws)
Dentist (Since orcs have extremely wildgrown teeth and they regrow like sharkteeth, a dentist is like a surgeon)
Guard (Stop in the name of the law. It's a thing that is needed now and then, here and there)

Any race is welcome within the lines of Savage Kingdom and any profession is smiled upon. However, living outside city walls is mentioned to be one of the stupidest things ever. Since there is gigantic monstrous multi-cross creatures out there like the Rhinogoons (Rhino + Kangaroo + Shark the size of elephants), Petotricus (Ostridge + Komodo Varan + Leech + Fly, usually going after kids or smaller creatures. Can run up to 70 km/h), Ghalts (Boar + Boar + Boar. Gigantic boars with huge tusks that grow into eachother and horns and spines across their backs.), Flumphs (1 foot long snail-like creatures with a balloon-like body whom flies in swarms and eats people´s skin.) and much much more hideous creatures. There is even thoose whom call themselves Beastmasters who capture great creatures and uses them to defend people with their bound monsters as companions and trustfull mounts.

There is much more to the Savage Kingdom that meets the eye. Things that has been before the great re-birth and what has happened ever since, and the world that the Orcs came from in the first place. Many odd creatures and odd people still live here. Just imagine up something... It might allready exist here in the Savage Plains... Either if it is good or bad.

Neato huh?
So please, do your character and submit it here and I will decide a winner.
The deadline is at the 15th of February and the winner is announced shortly there after.
Good luck!
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WantSmoreLove Featured By Owner May 15, 2013
Hehehe Are there gonna be results to this? JUST literally remembered it lol
Ask-TheNotSoWiseOwl Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
Contest still open? ))
SavageJubster Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
(( nope. It ended about 10 days ago, sorry .3. ))
Ask-TheNotSoWiseOwl Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
Its cool!
I just love
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((done . w . [link] ))
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Ask-the-CandleTwins Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist
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WantSmoreLove Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
((I have mine started~ >u< I call him Vladilen. he'll be a shaman. >u< ))
SavageJubster Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
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CandleGlass Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
Here's my entry, friend! [link]
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